Series 6 6c 4 April -
6/9/1977 - 29/6/1978 29 June 1978
Emmerdale Farm Episode 458
Broadcast History
Original UK airdate Thursday 22 June, 1978

Writer Kevin Laffan
Director Derek Martinus
Executive Producer David Cunliffe
Producer Michael Glynn
Production Code 1699

Episode 458 of Emmerdale Farm was originally transmitted on Thursday 22 June, 1978.


In the back of the pub Matt and Dolly discuss the wedding arrangements. There is still no word from Dolly's mother so Dolly says that she has decided to forget about her altogether. She gives Matt a shock as well by revealing that she is going to ask Amos Brearly!Amos to give her away!

That evening Joe confronts Tom Hawker in the Woolpack over his actions surrounding Pip, who is still missing. Such is Joe's anger that he knocks Tom to the ground. Shortly afterwards the Hawkers leave.

Joe has some news for Dolly. Her mother has arrived in the village - with a man she introduced as her new husband!

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