Series 6 6c 4 April -
6/9/1977 - 29/6/1978 29 June 1978
Emmerdale Farm Episode 449
Broadcast History
Original UK airdate Tuesday 16 May, 1978

Writer Anne Valery
Director Paddy Russell
Executive Producer David Cunliffe
Producer Michael Glynn
Production Code 1695

Episode 449 of Emmerdale Farm was originally transmitted on Tuesday 16 May, 1978.


Dolly receives a letter from her mother that clearly holds the worst of news. Mrs Acaster is still going on about the dress and demanding taffetas. And now she's also got a bee in her bonnet about the reception

There's a new teacher for the local school and he goes by the name of Mr Moeketsi but he doesn't create a good first impression with Sam whom he splashes at the roadside when he drives through a puddle.

In the Woolpack Dolly and Matt are talking about Mrs Acaster while Sam listens. Dolly thinks that her mother is in a very odd frame of mind. As her Aunt Jessie would say, there's bound to be a terrible solution to the enigma - and guess who is about to arrive in Beckindale......


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