Series 6 6b 10 January
6/9/1977 - 29/6/1978 23 March 1978
Emmerdale Farm Episode 433
Broadcast History
Original UK airdate Tuesday 14 March, 1978

Writer Andy Baker
Director Darrol Blake
Executive Producer David Cunliffe
Producer Michael Glynn
Production Code 1687

Episode 433 of Emmerdale Farm was originally transmitted on Tuesday 14 March, 1978.


Attempts continue to get Mrs Ratcliffe back to work on the tapestry. Wilks persuades Annie to have a word with her but it appears to be in vain. Donald Hinton said some unforgivable things about her and for that she is packing in. And that's the end of it.

Meanwhile at the vicarage, Hinton is just coming to terms with his son Clive coming to Beckindale when he is faced with the arrival of another visitor. He goes by the name of Rod Blake, an associate of Clive who has come to help him with the mine surveying.

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