Series 6 6b 10 January
6/9/1977 - 29/6/1978 23 March 1978
Emmerdale Farm Episode 420
Broadcast History
Original UK airdate Thursday 26 January, 1978

Writer Neville Siggs
Director Len Lurcuck
Executive Producer David Cunliffe
Producer Michael Glynn
Production Code 1680

Episode 420 of Emmerdale Farm was originally transmitted on Thursday 26 January, 1978.

Henry arrives at the farm with a brand new caravan for Miss Venables and its not long before everybody is in agreement over what should happen. Miss Venables should leave, and as soon as possible, despite her determination to set up home at Emmerdale Farm.

Matt explains to Annie why he hasn't bought an engagement ring for Dolly yet. He wants to use the family engagement ring but has been afraid to ask. Annie immediately offers it to him. Having been given the ring, Matt presents it to Dolly - in the cowshed! This is followed by a family celebration.

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