Series 2 2a 23 July -
23/7/1973 - 30/7/1974 16 October 1973
Emmerdale Farm Episode 88
Broadcast History
Original UK airdate Tuesday 21 August, 1973

Writer Anthony Couch
Director Henric Hirsch
Executive Producer Peter Holmans
Producer Robert D. Cardona
Production Code 1514

Episode 88 of Emmerdale Farm was originally transmitted on Tuesday 21 August, 1973.


Part 1Edit

Procter is threatening Verney if he does not let his son leave. He thinks that George has deliberately been turning him against his father. Ronald wanted him to join the family business. George just thinks that Ronald is jealous because he did not get to live in the big house when he married Marjorie. George says that he will leave it up to Mark if he wants to go back to London.

Sam has not yet been asked to be umpire, but he usually does for the Butterworths. Jack teases Joe about Carol. Joe teases Jack about Alison. Henry overhears

The day of the cricket match dawns. Mark tries on his cricket whites. Alison has started on the teas. Ronald faces his son and tells him to come home. Mark refuses and Ronald is stunned. He tells Mark that he is going to disown him. George says that as he does not have an heir of his own, he is going to leave it all to Mark.

Part 2Edit

Joe and Matt are having a pint before the match. Mark turns up looking smart.

The match is underway. Matt is bowling. George Verney and Reverend Ruskin look on. Joe gets someone out and winks cheekily. Annie and Alison provide the teas.

Carol calls up to the farm and has a cup of tea with Jack. She wants to read the unsuitable material in his book. They have a close moment. She asks him about Alison.

Frank bats. Mark goes in and misses. Carol turns up just as Joe finishes.

The Woolpack is full that night. Beckindale has won the Butterworths largely due to Sam's umpiring.

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