Series 1 1c 23 April -
16/10/1972 - 17/7/1973 17 July 1973
Emmerdale Farm Episode 68
Broadcast History
Original UK airdate Tuesday 12 June, 1973

Writer Anthony Couch
Director Michael Snow
Executive Producer Peter Holmans
Producer no producer
Production Code 1504

Episode 68 of Emmerdale Farm was originally transmitted on Tuesday 12 June, 1973, with Script by ANTHONY COUCH.


Part 1Edit

Day 73Edit

At The Mill, Gwen and Penny are worried when David does not return home after his walk. Jack tries to comfort Gwen. They both go and look for him on the freezing cold moors, but with no luck.

Meanwhile David arrives home drunk. Penny tells him that Jack and Gwen are out looking for him. They get home an hour after David.

Part 2Edit

Day 74Edit

Joe's motorbike starts first time when Frank tries it. Inside Smithy Cottage, Janie offers to make Gwen a cake at short notice. It is someone's birthday at the Mill. Janie tells Joe and he rushes off thinking that it must be Penny's birthday.

At Emmerdale Farm, Bess has run off again. Henry looks after the Sunday Roast, but can't resist helping himself! Annie insists to Sam that Bess must be tied up. They all talk about the birthday, and decide to hold an impromptu party - Annie is going to make a cake.

Janie has just finished baking her cake and they take it up to the Mill. It turns out to be David's birthday. Annie and the others arrive and they have a party.

David announces that he and Gwen are moving back to Cardiff. Henry asks if he can buy one of his pictures. Jack is sad that Gwen is leaving.

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