Series 1 1b 22 January -
16/10/1972 - 17/7/1973 17 April 1973
Emmerdale Farm Episode 46
Broadcast History
Original UK airdate Tuesday 27 March, 1973

Writer Kevin Laffan
Director Terence Williams
Executive Producer Peter Holmans
Producer no producer
Production Code 1493

Episode 46 of Emmerdale Farm was originally transmitted on Tuesday 27 March, 1973, with Script by KEVIN LAFFAN.


Part 1Edit

Joe is on tenterhooks waiting to see if Penny comes home from the Mill. Jack brings Penny home. Penny explains to Joe that her father had an accident and was kept in hospital, from then on he thought that anyone in a uniform was going to take him away. Joe worries that she is interested in Jack.

Liz and Edward discuss Alisons past. Edward questions his faith.

Amos asks Alison what she did the previous night. She knows that he saw her with Henry Wilks and tells him that her private life is her own.

Frank is preparing for his wedding. Jack is best man and Frank asks him if he has got the ring. Jack looks very worried.

Part 2Edit

Sam, Joe, Matt, Peggy, Henry and Annie are all dressed up for Frank and Janie's wedding. Joe tells Penny that she looks lovely. Jack has put the wedding ring in the bank and has to race to Hotten to get it. Reverend Ruskin prepares for the wedding . Alison says to Liz that the vicar does not look very well. The wedding guests are waiting in the church for Jack and Frank to arrive. Henry Wilks is the only guest on Frank's side of the church. The wedding ceremony takes place, while in the Woolpack Amos talks to a regular about marriage.

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