Dominic Brunt (born 15 April 1970 in Macclesfield, Cheshire)) has played Paddy Kirk since February 1997.

Upon leaving school Dominic became a welder for three and a half years, before retraining as an actor in 1989, first at college and then the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Early television appearances included The Bill (1995), Soldier Soldier (1996) Inspector Morse (1996), and Holding On (1997). Dominic also appeared on stage in 1995 and in two short films.

After appearing as locum vet Paddy Kirk from February to May 1997, Dominic was brought back as a permanent addition to the cast, reappearing from October 1997. In 1999 Paddy appeared in the straight-to-video special Emmerdale: Don't Look Now! - The Dingles in Venice, and in 2011 appeared in striaight-to-DVD special Emmerdale: Paddy and Marlon's Big Night In, during which he performed a break dance - having previously appeared in a break dancing troupe in his teens.

In April 2003, Dominic married JOANNE MITCHELL, and they now have two children. They live in the house where the famous "Cottingley Fairies" photographs were taken. Dominic's TV work since joining Emmerdale has included Soapstar Superchef in 2007 where he teamed up with MARK CHARNOCK and competed against ANNE CHARLESTON, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in August 2011, again teaming up with Mark.

In 2008 Dominic, a self-confessed zombie obsessive, was Executive Producer on blog series Zomblogalypse, and since that year has co-hosted with Mark Charnock an annual Leeds Zombie Film Festival. Also tht year he appeared in short film 28. In August 2010 Dominic filmed a role in horror movie Inbred, for which his wife was an executive producer. In 2011 Dominic made his directing debut in zombie film Before Dawn, with screenplay by MARK ILLIS, based on Joanne's storyline idea. The film, now in post-production, stars Dominic as well as Joanne and NICKY EVANS. Dominic and Joanne are also producers on the film, which originated from an argument on what makes a good zombie movie. Together they have been executive producers on Magpie, which is also in post-production, and both appeared on BBC Radio 4 play On It which was written and directed by TONY PITTS and was aired in October 2011.

In a 2006 interview with Kris Green on website Digitalspy, speaking about how long he thought he'd stay in Emmerdale, Dominic said "I’d be mad to leave it. When I go, it'll be kicking and screaming and they'll have to ask me to go." [[Category:Actors

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