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"Episode 5184"
Broadcast History
Original UK airdate Wednesday 31 December, 2008

Writer Samantha Doland De Vaux
Director Dominic Leclerc
Executive Producer Keith Richardson
Producer Anita Turner

05184 is the 5,186th episode of Emmerdale, originally transmitted on Wednesday 31 December, 2008.


Marlon presents Donna with an infinity ring on her birthday but her mind is still on Ross. The police discover that Shane was struck over the head several times before and after death but there is little DNA evidence due to the length of time the body was in the water. Donna is called to the station to make a statement and the line of questioning soon turns to Ross and whether her partner was aware of the situation with the McFarlanes. Donna dismisses it and is allowed to leave. Back at home, Marlon and Donna celebrate her birthday but Donna's stopped in her tracks when Marlon asks whether Ross will return to make a statement.

Elsewhere, Jasmine is wracked with worry that a clue will emerge to lead the police to discover her involvement in Shane's death. The police summon her to the station and she’s grateful to be accompanied by Laurel and Ashley. Under questioning, Jasmine is shaky but the investigating officer put the nerves down to her close ties with Shane. She becomes more emotional and blurts out that Shane is dead because of her. Again, her comments are misinterpreted by the officer and Jasmine escapes having come so close to confessing the truth. Debbie is pleased to hear that Jasmine managed to stick to the story and is confident that the heat is now on the McFarlanes.

At the Woolpack, it seems as though there will be little uptake for their New Year celebrations. In order to spark some enthusiasm, Val spreads the word that they’re holding a toga party. When some of the villagers moan that they can’t afford the white linen costumes that Val has demanded for the dress code, Sam comes up with an idea. He steals a bag full of bed sheets from the B&B. As the party gets going, Val turns up in an elaborate costume, dragging an embarrassed Eric behind her, while Paddy arrives in his sports gear, having misheard Marlon and assumed it was a yoga party. Jamie spots the Dingles wearing his bed linen and privately plots his revenge.

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